What is Energy Space Clearing

Energy Space Clearing is when the energy within the Home or Business is energetically balanced to promote feelings of peace, security and overall health and wellness. This service is conducted in person by Karen a professional Reiki Energy Master and Teacher. 

Why is it important to clear the energy within a home or business

Our home is where we feel safest and the most secure. Clearing dense, stagnant and often negative energy within your home or work space is essential for welcoming in the new energy of calmness, and attracting abundance into all areas of your life. Your home should feel like your sanctuary where you and your family can feel at peace. 

Your business should feel warm and welcoming to your customers. Cleansed and Cleared Divine energy, feels inviting to the customer, which can then encourages the customer to want to spend more time and return to your business. 

As we move through life we leave an energetic finger print so to speak, in the houses that we have lived in and in the businesses that we have worked in. It’s no surprise we tend to unload a lot of our emotional baggage within it’s walls.

But what does this all mean ? 

Even when building a brand new home, it’s a good idea to have your land blessed, and cleared before you build. When you first purchase your home or business, you are mostly unaware of what took place in that property prior to you moving in. For example If there were occupants that were going through illness, or a death happened within the home, marriages going through break ups and divorce, domestic violence, bad arguments, finance troubles, often the residue of the negative energies can imbed feelings of heavy, dense, and stagnant energy within the property to linger around.

The energy of our homes often reflects our own inner emotional state. So what ever events you haven’t let go of, it’s likely your home or business is hanging on, too. 

When is it a good time to have your property Divinely Cleared and Blessed 

  • Buying or renting, it can be vital to remove the previous occupants energies 
  • Selling your home, you want to ensure your house feels warm and welcoming to perspective buyers. You want potential buyers to feel as though the energy in your home is exactly what they have been looking for. If you have had problems shifting your home, it could be because the potential buyers are picking up on your resistance to Let Go and old stagnant energy that needs to be cleared. 
  •  Sensing feelings of uneasiness within the home, moving objects, possible presence of earth bound energies that need to be moved on into love and light. 
  • Working from home, you have many clients and their energies coming in and out or your property 
  • You have experienced a string of bad luck or illnesses within the home 
  • Intruders, burglary, damage to your home and stolen property 
  • Home birth to clear and prepare the space for your little angle’s arrival 
  • New babies room, Pregnant during the nesting period would be a great time. 
  • Family and friends visiting that have heavy emotional struggles 

What are the benefits of holding a space clearing in your home or business

Space clearing and House Blessings raise the energetic vibrations of your home or business. Once the cleansing, clearing and blessing has be done on your property, you will notice the home or business feels lighter, fresher, more inviting, it has a sense of calmness, you can actually feel the heavy dense energy has been shifted and replaced with a sense of peace and harmony. The new energy will enhance the overall emotional health and wellbeing of the occupants and even pets. I like to call it a restored sanctuary, filled with high vibration energy and sacred blessings. 

What Tools are used for the service

  • Dowsing Rods 
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls 
  • Tibetan Bell
  • Crystal Singing Bowls 
  • Sound healing instruments 
  • Sage/Palo Santo and or Pure Essential oil mists 
  • Angelic Harmonic Instruments that invites the Angels 
  • Ancient Reiki Symbols to shift Dense Stagnant Energy, Protection over the Home, Emotional Symbol to invoke peace and harmony 
  • Blessings and Prayers 

Investment to Restore your Sanctuary to a place of Divine Energy

$195 Price may incur additional fees for Larger homes, two Storey Homes and travel depending on where you are located. I am happy to provide you with a quote. 

$50 Deposit Is required to secure your booking, the $50 will come off the total balance on the day. 

Price includes Setting up and pack down & 1 to 1.5 hrs depending on the Size of the home service covers Internal and External 

Space Clearing Products

Once I leave it, it would be a good idea to maintain your home with products that will continue to keep the energy in your property cleansed and clear.

You have the option to purchase Energy Clearing products to maintain your personal energy and the Divine energy within your property or business.Products can include

  • Large Sage Sticks
  • Palo Santo Sticks 
  • Pure Essential Oil Room Mists  
  • Crystals, Crystal Lamps, Salt Lamps, Diffusers, 
  • Bath Salts infused with Pure Essential oils 
  • Soy Candles   

After Care Products can be pre purchased before your session and delivered to you on the day of the service. Alternatively you can email me the items you wish to purchase and I will bring them with me. Mobile EFT available.

Please ensure before booking this service you read the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer