A lot of our time these days is spent in ‘fight-or-flight mode due to our busy lifestyles and overactive minds.

“Reiki stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and transports us to ‘rest and relaxation’ mode, this allows the client much needed down time for the mind and body to Reset and Rebalance which triggers the bodies Self Healing process.” One of the primary benefits of a Reiki session is predominately reducing levels of stress.

Stress is the most common word written by clients as a description or part description of their condition during their first Reiki session. 
When we relax, our muscles become less tense, and our blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate become lower. This response is the opposite when we are in a state of stress and anxiety, which then triggers the “fight or flight” stress response. Reiki works to help you achieve a deep state of physical, mental and emotional rest. Over the course of a session, the Reiki energy transfer works to help remove blockages in the recipient’s body and promote flow and balance. 

Reiki is increasingly offered globally in hospitals, nursing homes, palliative care, medical practices and private practice settings. Reiki can be applied to a variety conditions effecting the body, mind and soul. 
Put simply, Reiki is a stressreduction and relaxation technique that promotes well-being and pain relief through energetic transfers.

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