Reiki is a complementary therapy that works alongside conventional medicine to help support Physical, Mental and Emotional wellbeing. 

Holistic therapies have totally changed my life, why not discover what they can do for you. 

Do you Keep repeating the same lessons over and over ?

Are there internal blockages that are holding you back ?

Reiki Master and Teacher, Soul Coach, Holistic Medicine Advocate.

Hello Dear One,


I work from a heart centred space, that is dedicated to your happiness, health and wellness. I work with Adults and Children  to guide and support long term health benefits. I love creating professional Signature Services that are unique and individual to you and your health and wellness journey.

When you re-attune and calibrate to your True Self and the greater Universal energies, you merge into a partnership of expansion and true miracles in every area of your life. Peace, balance and lightness returns, re-aligning you with your highest potential and Soul Path.

If you would like to know more, I invite you to take a moment, relax with your favourite cup of tea or coffee, sit back and put your feet up, while you scroll through and take a deeper look into my range of beautiful services. Reiki sessions, Reiki courses, Crystal therapy, Chakra balancing, Sound healing, Home and Business clearing, Soul coaching and much more !

Holistic therapies have totally changed my life, why not discover what they can do for you. 

With Blessing and Gratitiude Karen x

In 2012 I began the search for holistic therapies as a way to help me cope with stress and anxiety from grief. This is when I first discovered Reiki and the many healing benefits that came with it. After my first Reiki session, I felt lighter like a huge weight had been lifted from my body, and after a few more sessions, I felt my myself beginning to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. I had gained a clearer perspective to accept and cope with my grief from a different perspective. I could finally experienced a better nights sleep and the over anxoius mind chatter had quietened significantly. Through my emotional struggles I finally began to find “My True Self” through my emotional struggles, something incredible was unfolding in the process, I found my souls purpose. This discovery then lead me to help others activate their own self healing abilities, but most of all I wanted to help people find their light within, their true state of happiness and good health. 

If you are interested in effective natural and safe holistic therapies to help reduce stress, improve your health and emotional well being, or you just need to bring more peace, calm and relaxation into your life. “It would be a privilege and a blessing to work with you”. 

Reiki energy can bring great comfort, support and balance to a persons life, as many of us will understand that our thoughts and emotions have an impact on our overall health and well being. When we become unwell physically, emotionally or mentally this has an unbalancing effect on our energy field. Reiki is a complementary therapy that works alongside conventional medicine to help support people struggling to restore Physical, Mental and Emotional wellbeing.

Crystal therapy, Sound Healing, flower essences and essential oils are all forms of gentle vibrational energy medicine. Which works in harmony with the human energy field. The human body is more than just a physical body. Using holistic therapies can help to treat the cause of the symptoms that manifest in the physical body. Our energy body largely determines our over all health and well being. Energy healing sessions can assist with stress, anxiety, depression and physical pain



Blessed With Gifts

From a young child I have always been gifted with a “knowing ” which I now know is a psychic sense. Back then I had no idea why I was so different and why I struggled to fit in. As a young adolescent I was drawn to “Old Souls”  both in the physical age and in spiritual wisdom. I enjoyed the company of  enlightened souls” meaning the older generation “wise women” with amazing stories of strength, courage and determination. These incredible friendships and connections helped me to feel like I was understood,  I felt like I could connect with them on a deeper level. As the years passed I began to explore my spiritual gifts and studied various intuition development courses and workshops to further develop and strengthen intuitive my gifts. I am truly blessed to have  an incredible “Spirit Team” working with me every step of the way, not to mention my amazing soul family and friends that have supported my spiritual journey the entire way through. 

Blessing Love and Gratitude to  you ALL !! xx 

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