I am a qualified Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher. My mission is to help guide you towards living your best life without limits. I use a variety of modalities and metaphysical tools such as Reiki intuitive energy healing, sound healing therapy, crystal therapy and essential oils. My goal is to help you to feel happier, relaxed, balanced and feeling empowered to address whatever personal challenges you’re facing. 

I work from a heart centred space, that is dedicated to your health and wellness. I have spent the majority of my career supporting women with diverse needs towards overall health and wellness. I enjoy creating professional Holistic based Signature Services for women that are intuitive and individual. My souls purpose has always been to care for others and to support each individual on their unique health and wellness journey towards finding inner peace and happiness. I have personally experienced a major life challenge in 2012, this is when I found Reiki…or should I say, Reiki found me ! Therefore I know first hand the life changing benefits, energy healing can have on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Over the years I have invested many of hours of study in variety of holistic services. These practices have allowed me to deepen my knowledge and skill sets to provide a complete holistic approach.

  • Certified Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Certificate IV TAE Training and Assessing
  • Diploma of Marma Point therapy and Indian Head massage
  • EFT & TFT Tapping practitioner
  • Meditation Facilitator
  • Reiki Space Clearing Practitioner for Residential and Businesses
  • Health and Wellness Mentor 
  • Certified Crystal Therapist
  • Relaxation Massage Practitioner 
  • 14 years service providing support to individuals with Mental Health and Disabilities 

Energy Healing can bring great comfort, support and balance to a persons life. As many of us will understand that our thoughts and emotions have an impact on our overall health and well being. When we become unwell physically, emotionally or mentally this has an unbalancing effect on our energy field. Reiki is a complementary therapy that works alongside conventional medicine to help support people struggling to restore Physical, Mental and Emotional wellbeing. If you are interested in effective natural and safe holistic therapies to help reduce stress, improve your health and emotional well being, or you just need to bring more peace, calm and relaxation into your life. “It would be a privilege to work with you”. Reiki, Crystal therapy, Sound Healing, and Essential oils are all forms of gentle vibrational energy medicine. Which works in harmony with the human energy field. The human body is more than just a physical body. Our energy field largely determines our over all health and well being. Energy healing sessions can assist with stress, anxiety, depression and physical pain. 



Holistic Health