Conversations with Soul

There is conscious shift towards the new awakening. Our souls have chosen to return in this life to discover a higher purpose and to remember where we came from. It all began from a sacred of breath of light that was past down from our ancestors through each generation. There is a definite deep seated calling, embedded within the very seat of our soul. Even if we don’t understand on a conscious level, subconsciously we are awakening to a universal shift that is encouraging us to connect with our ancestors and the abundance of universal life force in the form of energy healing, natural medicine, hands on healing, meditation, food, diet and our connection to Mother Earth. 

It’s a soft whisper, a sacred calling that invites us to explore our true purpose and inner most passions, to recognise ourselves as the modern day medicine women, to heal ourselves and to figure out our sacred gifts. Who is the modern day medicine woman ? She is the wise woman, the holder of truth, the nurturer and the protector. The Modern day medicine women are mother’s, teachers, healers, psychics, counsellors, guides, coaches, ceremony holders, social activists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. 

She feels the past and sees the future. She hears the calling to expand her conscious thoughts and shifts her mindset. Her light shines deep into the hearts of others. Her passion is to serve humanity and restore harmony and balance to Mother Earth. Within her hands she holds the universal secrets of life, she sprinkles our earth mother with the seeds of peace, truth, love and compassion. She honours Mother Earth and her sacred connection to the ancestral mother of all life, the very soul of our earth. 

Subconsciously our connection to source energy ignites a deep desire to reawaken the passions and gifts passed on from our ancestors the generations of wise women that once came before us. When we intentionally tap into our subconscious mind our light will expand bringing much needed hope, expansion, balance and healing to the entire world.

Do you feel a connection to the Modern Day Medicine Woman ?  

Have you struggled to you fit in ? What do you need to let go of What messages does your soul want to communicate to you ? 

What self healing do you need to activate, to be able stand in your truth and full power ? It’s time for you to commence the divine healing available to each and everyone one of us, tune in with your gifts, and take your rightful place again in the world. 

You are needed ! The world needs people like you to step forward and into your own power to become visible, to find your voice to be strong as our wise  ancestors that once stood before us. You are a beacon of hope, light and healing to the generations that come 

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