Do Spirits come through during Energy Healing Sessions

Assistance from other Higher Powers. Many people are a little confused Reiki / Energy Healings isn’t Mediumship or a Physic reading. We must remember that first and foremost Energy Healing sessions are exactly that. The Reiki practitioner will tune into your bodies energy, and chakra systems, to address the clients needs specific to them. A Reiki / Energy practitioner is however attuned to Reiki a channel for the Divine and can be highly intuitive, and yes there is assistance from higher powers such as Reiki Masters, Healing Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters that can attend the practitioners session.

The practitioner can become a channel for other higher powers, including our Ancestors, Spirit guides, Earth spirits and Healing Angels. They can at times attend a Reiki / Energy session to offer comfort and support, meaning their energy can be felt and detected by the practitioner. At times clients have experienced their loved ones and guides attend their session. Sometimes they may intuitively communicate a specific message or offer additional intuitive information regarding the overall energy of the session.

Those that have passed are “spirit energy’ an element of “All That is” they are a frequency of light and can shift their frequency so that it can be interrupted as a message or contact by our human senses or intuition. This takes a lot of energy, focus and time, as well as the ability to resonate at a higher dimension where both can meet.


Each session is unique to that which is needed by the client. Clients are usually guided to the right healer and their experience will assist them at that moment in time.

If you are looking for Intuitive Guidance you may want to reach out and we can have a chat about which sessions may be the right healing journey for you.

In warmth 

Karen Maree 


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