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Feel better naturally, transform stress and anxiety into peace and happiness
Holistic Health

My goal is to help you to feel happier, relaxed, balanced and feeling empowered to address whatever personal challenges you’re facing. 

Signature sessions are held in a private and tranquil space. The moment you enter you will be made feel comfortable and relaxed. You will commence your session fully clothed laying down on the massage table, with support cushions as needed for your comfort. The room is cleaned and cleansed before and after every client, the air is filled with relaxing blends of pure essential oils, a beautiful collection of crystals surround all corners of the room, salt lamps add a soft ambient light and healing music is played in the background to help you to switch off, relax and just enjoy your health and wellness journey. 





With an increase of referrals recently and a focus on teaching, training Reiki and holistic health and wellness coaching. I have been revisiting my services and streamlining processes. I say this with sincere gratitude to my clients for their unconditional love and support of my business. I have had to make the really hard decision to temporily close my books on seeing new clients 1:1 in person services.

If you would like to join the wait list and be notified when the books are reopened please click on the link below, 

With Love and Blessings 

Karen Xx 

Waiting List For New Clients

If you are a new client and would like to experience a 1:1 in person session, please add your details and a brief message to the contacts page and you will be notified as soon an opening becomes available. 

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What is Reiki ?

Reiki comes from the Japanese word Rei which means “Universal life Force” or “Higher Power” and ‘Ki” which means Life Force Energy. If your life force energy is running low, blocked or depleted it is more difficult to manage our emotions when we become unwell or feel anxious and stressed.

Reiki  is an ancient healing technique that supports the body to relax, promotes self healing and helps remove blockages allowing the “Ki” energy to flow naturally again. Increasing ‘Ki” energy helps your system balance it’s self. Being balanced is beneficial to your physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. 

1.5 hrs RESET SOULutions 

RELAX AND CALM THE MIND. FROM THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD TO THE SOLES OF YOUR FEET. DISCOVER THE ANCIENT WAYS OF HEALING Join Karen, Reiki Master & Teacher and be awakened to the ancient art of energy healing, crystal healing and vibrational sound healing.

Reiki & Sound Bathing Is Your New Shortcut to feeling “Zen”

  • Balanced 
  • Calm
  • Reduced Stress
  • Clearer Mind
  • Connected and Grounded  

Engage in a deeply relaxing exploration of Reiki and Tibetan Singing bowls, be mesmerised with the angelic Zaphir chimes. A wonderful combination of healing instruments that calm the mind, centre the heart, and grounds you into your body.

What can I expect
  • Together we will discuss what maybe holding you back from achieving peace, balance and harmony in your life. 
  • The client lays comfortably on their back with a pillow under the knees for added support.
  • A variety of crystals for calming and grounding are carefully placed on and around the body.
  • The session begins with reiki to calm the mind and to top up your  life force energy. I balance the meridians and chakra’s, whilst shifting any energy blocks.

While you are in a state of pure bliss a glorious sound bath of healing instruments is played over and around your body (a definite client favourite)

In particular I play an Ancient Tibetan Medicine bowl near your hips and the base chakra.

The hips are where we can hold a lot of tension, stress and emotion.

The psoas muscle, which is known as the muscle of emotion or the spirit muscle, responds to the sympathetic nervous system when we are in fight or flight mode.

Sound healing triggers the parasympathetic nervous system into a state of relaxation.”

The session finishes with an aura cleanse of pure essential oils to cleanse and clear the aura. 

This session has to be experienced to fully understand the deep healing and relaxation benefits that these beautiful modalities can offer when combined into one service.



Holistic Massage

Not only focuses on tense muscles as a physical result of stress, but also takes into consideration a clients emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Holistic Massage

I provide a unique blend of Holistic Massage therapies to enhance a clients health and well-being through combining physical, emotional massage and energy work. My work comes from a heart centred space of truly wanting to help people reconnect with their own body to accelerate the self-healing process.  I wanted an Holistic approach to clients needs, rather than just focusing on the physical, with this comes a better understanding of each clients healing journey. When we can return to a natural state of balance and alignment, then comes positive changes in the physical body as well as mental and emotional 

Questions Often Asked

Can I book a deep tissue or remedial massage ? 

At Konnect2Karen we don’t offer Deep Tissue or Remedial Massage, as this type of massage is a specialised sports massage which requires a practitioner or massage therapist to be qualified in this modality. Our focus is on relaxation, quietening the mind, letting go of stress and tension held within the body, “a spa experience” buy using a unique style of massage infused with reiki, warm aromatic towels and essential oils. 

It takes nurturing and time to ease stress and tension from your body, therefore my massages are a relaxation massage that is better suited to a light or medium pressure to achieve optimum results