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Feel better naturally, transform stress and anxiety into peace and happiness
Holistic Health

Reiki is a beautiful healing energy that uses gentle touch techniques. The healing sessions are held in a private and tranquil healing space. The moment you enter you will be made feel comfortable and relaxed. Each client is unique and individual in their own right. I understand the importance of connecting with each person on a deep soul level .

You will commence your session fully clothed laying down on the massage table, with support cushions as needed for your comfort. Your beautiful healing space is cleansed before and after every client, the air is filled with deeply relaxing blends of pure essential oils, a gorgeous collection of crystals surround all corners of the room, salt lamps add a soft ambient light and healing music is played in the background to help you to switch off, relax and just enjoy your healing journey. 

My goal is to help you to leave feeling happier, relaxed, balanced and feeling empowered to address whatever personal challenges you’re facing. 

Some of the benefits of Reiki include

Relaxation, enhanced wellbeing, relief from stress and anxiety, pain management, improved sleep, improved digestion and a greater self awareness


Distant Healing

Available world Wide

What is Reiki

Reiki. comes from the Japanese word Rei which means “Universal life Force” or “Higher Power” and ‘Ki” which means Life Force Energy. If your life force energy is running low, blocked or depleted it is more difficult to manage our emotions when we become unwell or feel anxious and stressed.

Reiki  is an ancient healing technique that supports the body to relax, promotes self healing and helps remove blockages allowing the “Ki” energy to flow naturally again. Increasing ‘Ki” energy helps your system balance it’s self. Being balanced is beneficial to your physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. 


Add a deeply relaxing 20 min Foot and Leg Massage or indulge in a back, neck and shoulder massage

Intuitive Blends

Make your own Natural Perfume Blend

Intuitive Blends

Make your own Natural Perfume Essential Oil Roller to take home or use it straight away in your personal energy healing sessions or Relaxation Massage.  Be guided by your Intuition, Use all of your senses when selecting the perfect blend for you. *Please consult your health professional before using any essential oils during pregnancy, breastfeeding or if you suffer from other medical conditions.

Choose From a selection of Organic Essential Oil Blends

GRATEFUL ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND – ORANGE, LIME, GERANIUM, YLANG YLANG & ROSE OTTOA beautiful mood lifter and the perfect way to show yourself or another gratitude.ORANGE SWEET – Aphrodisciac. Moodlifter. Good for the heart.
LIME – Restorative. Can help with depression. Uplifting. Encouraging. Refreshing.
GERANIUM – Uplifting. Can improve mental function. Healing.
YLANG YLANG – Relaxing. Uplifting. Can help to drive away depression.
ROSE – Opens the heart. Encourages unconditional love.

LOVE ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND – YLANG YLANG, SWEET ORANGE, GRAPEFRUIT & PATCHOULLove, beauty and sexuality. Empower yourself with love, it is all around.YLANG YLANG – Improves libido, sedative and calming.
SWEET ORANGE – Brings calm and peace.
WHITE GRAPEFRUIT – Clears heat and promotes a lightness of spirit.
PATCHOULI –  Aphrodisiac, makes you more alert and active

HAPPY ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND – LAVENDER, MANDARIN, PATCHOULI, PERU BALSAM & ROSE MAROHappy is soothing, calming and balancing. Live a happy life!LAVENDER TRUE – Soothing and relaxing, balancing and normalizing.
MANDARIN – Purifying, sedating and calming.
PATCHOULI – Aphrodisiac, uplifting and relaxing.
PERU BALSAM – Soothing in times of stress.
ROSE MAROC ABSOLUTE – Antiviral, balancing to the spirit.

DREAM ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND – SWEET ORANGE, LAVENDER, PETITGRAIN, CHAMOMILE & SANDALWOOThis scent has been made to deeply calm and relax before sleep or anytime you feel like you need to relax.SWEET ORANGE – brings calm & peace LAVENDER MAILLETTE – sedative. calming & promotes sleep. PETITGRAIN – benefits nervous system. calming & promotes sleep. CHAMOMILE ROMAN – known to alleviate depression. calming & soothing.
SANDALWOOD – lowers blood pressure. calming.

Crystal Chips can be added at an additional cost 

The Carrier Oil I use is FCO Fractioned Coconut Oil 


Holistic Massage

Not only focuses on tense muscles as a physical result of stress, but also takes into consideration a clients emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Holistic Massage

As a Reiki Master and an intuitive Healer, I have the ability and intuition to tap into my clients needs on a physical and energetic level. By incorporating the flow of Reiki energy, clients are receiving the benefits of a “dual’ the best of both worlds into one session. 

I provide a unique blend of Holistic Massage therapies to enhance a clients health and well-being through combining physical, emotional and spiritual transformative massage and energy work. My work comes from a heart centred space of truly wanting to help people reconnect with their own body to accelerate the self-healing process.  

I wanted an Holistic approach to clients needs, rather than just focusing on the physical, with this comes a better understanding of each clients healing journey. When we can return to a natural state of balance and alignment, then comes positive changes in the physical body as well as mental, emotional and spiritual healing and transformation.

Questions Often Asked

Can I book a deep tissue or remedial massage ? 

At Konnect2Karen we don’t offer Deep Tissue or Remedial Massage, as this type of massage is a specialised sports massage which requires a practitioner or massage therapist to be qualified in this modality. Our focus is on relaxation, quietening the mind, letting go of stress and tension held within the body, “a spa experience” buy using a unique style of massage infused with reiki energy, long flowing strokes much like Lomi Lomi  massage, warm aromatic towels and essential oils. 

It takes nurturing and time to ease stress and tension from your body, therefore my massages are a relaxation massage that is better suited to a light or medium pressure to achieve optimum results