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Is your health and wellness on the back burner ?

Many of us hard working beautiful souls are so busy caught up in our day to day lives, that we tend to put our own health and wellness on the back burner. Our minds convince us that there just isn’t enough time in a day to focus on ourselves.

But my friend this mindset has got to go !! Its time for you to give yourself the energy upgrade your body has been patiently waiting for.

We all know that feeling of, I’m running on empty, I have nothing more to give, I’m so exhausted, but I have to just keep pushing through…sound familiar ? 

That’s because our life force energy can easily become depleted, therefore we actually are running on empty ! In other words it’s like trying to drive a car with an empty fuel tank. 

Reiki “life force energy” is like fuel for the body, it puts back or in some cases tops up the life force energy that becomes depleted for various environmental reasons, such as illnesses, anxiety, exhaustion, poor diet, career, family, relationships, disturbed sleep, basically anything that takes away from your body, rather than nourishing it. 

The beauty of reiki energy is, it knows exactly what your body needs, and goes exactly where it needs to go within the body. Reiki life force energy seeks out what the client needs at that particular time, whether it’s for their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or a combination.

What I personally love about reiki is, each clients experiences are very different and unique and yet very personal to them and their journey. Which actually makes sense, because we are all very different and unique individuals, travelling our own path to a happy and fulfilled life of better health and emotional wellness.   

Until next time….

Sending you love and light

Karen xx

April 2019

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