Spiritual SOULutions 

Your Soul is your Inner Compass. When you use energy work and intuition as your guide, your soul becomes the pilot of a truly fulfilling and meaningful life. 

As a Spiritual Life Coach I consider myself a seeker of truth, wisdom and spiritual knowledge. I believe that within each of us is the ability to sustain and build a life that is in harmony and balance.

My ultimate passion is in guiding people to use their intuition for self discovery and inner communication. The use of Intuitive Guidance works as a mirror or a light of our shadow self. The obstacles, challenges and celebrations  that they point towards have the potential to change with our thoughts and free will.  Intuitive guidance acts as a reflective tool that allows us to see how we can consciously build our own futures, and envision the illuminated paths that lie before us.  

Our souls sees things quite differently from our human mind, so these discussions can highlight old reoccurring patterns, and old ways of thinking into new ideas, new inspirations and infinite possibilities. Karen may relate to the current situation at hand or it could be an ultimate life lesson of which this situation is just a piece of the puzzle.

You  may remain stuck repeating the same challenges and obstacles, unless these challenges have been addressed or dealt with. If you’re not fully prepared for the challenge it could prove to be a stumbling block which may inhibit your progress and desired outcome. However the benefit of having insight or  a sneak peek into what obstacles or challenges may be hindering your progress is in the old saying being “Forewarned is Forearmed” or a preview of things to come. A spiritual coach session has the power to reduce the effects of the challenging moments, whilst magnifying the beautiful ones. 

The steps of action that we need to take are rarely the same as our human mind. Our souls mission is for us to heal, grow and be happy ! 

Karen has successfully preformed Spiritual Life Coaching for clients across the globe in the USA and NZ. Karen offers a good mix of Intuition, along with helpful and practical guidance.

You can reach Karen via the Contacts  Page on the website, alternatively Karen can be contacted via Mobile during business hours Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm or alternatively you can contact Karen outside of business hours via Email.

All details are listed on the contacts page. Due to Karen’s busy schedule. Please leave a message and allow time for Karen to return your message. 

IMPORTANT Before booking and paying for your session. please confirm with Karen that she has availability. Once confirmed Karen will work out a suitable date time. Payments will then need to be made prior to your reading

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