I grew up in Hobart Tasmania and from an early age, I soon realised I had a calling to serve and help others. It felt so natural, like it was ingrained in my DNA.

We lived opposite a small community of retired senior citizens. As a young pre teen my favourite past time was to visit the elderly ladies for a chat and a cup of tea. I loved keeping the ladies company and the hearing stories about their lives and what it was like growing up when they were my age.

During my teenage years, my connection with a lady by the name of Pearl grew stronger every day. Pearl was an earth angel and the most beautiful, caring and considerate soul, that I had ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Pearl had diabetes which effected her eyesight, and sadly the day to day tasks became even harder for Pearl, until eventually as time went by the diabetes worsened causing many other serious conditions.

Pearl required full-time care due to the aggressiveness of the diabetes, which caused complete loss of her vision and sadly amputation of both of Pearls legs.

Pearl and I shared a bond that was inseparable right up until the day she passed away, and still to this day I believe Pearl is one of my beautiful guides.

For the past ten years I have been blessed to be working in the Disability and Mental Health  industry, where I could truly make a positive difference in peoples lives.

This aligns with my core values, ethics and who I am as a person. I have gained 10 years of valuable experience and life changing benefits walking  alongside people with mental health and disabilities within the Community Services sector.

I have witnessed and been apart of learning  for life skills, peer connections, independent living, personal and professional growth and their stories of change.

I believe in equity and social justice and the absolute right of all people to live their chosen life. I was proud to be apart of an organisation that held a vision that our communities are inclusive of all people and free of injustice.

I have carried on the valuable skills and work ethics into my own business, where I can continue to make positive differences in people lives.