Reiki and the Empowering Energy within

A common misunderstanding for new Reiki practitioners, is that Reiki is a quick fix for a problem or an illness that has taken years to manifest deep within the body. While you may understand the basic knowledge of how energy works in and around the body, it takes time, patience and plenty of practice to gain knowledge and a deeper understanding of it. Most Reiki Masters and teachers will tell you honestly that they are still learning, growing and evolving. There are endless subjects, skills and tools when learning about energy and about ourselves as conduits for Reiki energy. 

The expectation to have immediate results, and deep understanding of Reiki early on, often leads to overwhelm, frustration and even abandonment of practice soon after training. Whatever your reason is, that you have been called to learn this incredible modality, if you choose to practice Reiki, then you must do just that—practice! Once you learn the fundamentals of Reiki you will soon begin to feel and understand it. True healing always comes from in side each of us. Permanent healing of any kind is seldom a quick fix !! 

Using the gift of Reiki daily is very empowering. These days we often turn to external influences to create change, or rely on other people to help us. When you regularly use the power of reiki, and the 5 reiki principles in conjunction with the power of intent to release what no longer serves us energetically, you begin to see that true change begins within you. The power of healing and the understanding of energy rests within you. Rather than believing that only certain few have this knowledge and gifts, with practice, you will soon come to understand that you have the power, and as Glenda the Good Witch from the wizard of Oz said “You have always had the power my dear, you just need to believe in yourself” 

To become a Master at any skill, it takes the total effort of your, heart, mind and soul working together in tandem – Maurice Young 

Choosing to live a life as a Reiki practitioner will certainly show you more about yourself and about how the universal life force energy works. The more you find ways to connect with energy and work with it, the more your knowledge and understanding will deepen. With daily use your reiki journey will continue to evolve, opening new doors of infinite possibilities and opportunities and with your connection to Reiki, you will find that you naturally begin to gravitate toward making choices that help you grow and heal on all levels.

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