• Experience a deeper level of peace in your daily life.
  • Experience a sense of purpose 
  • Trigger your body’s natural ability to self heal 
  • Increase self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Chakra heart opening for self love and self acceptance

On a personal note from me where ever you are on your personal  journey Reiki will help you to unlock your inner strength and innate power to heal from within. 

Reiki One

What will I learn

Through a mix of theory, one-on-one Reiki and self-healing you will:

This is a first level Reiki course, which will teach you:

  • The history of Dr Usui 
  • How Reiki actually works (theory and practice)
  • How we can heal through understanding dis – ease causes disease 
  • How to perform a Reiki treatment for yourself, family, friends and pets
  • Receive attunements from Reiki Master Karen to help trigger self healing and dissolve fear.  
  • Learn how to become more grounded, calm and balanced. 
  • Learn the basics of crystals and essential oils to use with Reiki 
  • Learn how to be creative with your first degree Reiki skills 

What do I need to Bring

Gaining access to this amazing Life Force Energy – Reiki in the First Degree does not require you to have any previous training or fancy equipment you just need to come with an open mind and an open heart and wear some  comfortable clothes, 

Bring your favourite journal ( for taking notes if you want to )  

Yoga mat plus a pillow or cushion

Lunch – BYO   

Morning Tea and Light Refreshments will be provided


Reiki First Degree Group Training Your Investment $249

Karen specialises in Private Training – One to One Classes 

The benefits of One to One classes:

  • In one to one classes, I have found that the student feels more at ease and confident to ask questions and discuss topics, that they  wouldn’t necessarily have asked in a group scenario.
  • In a one to one class the student is attuned privately, in other words, the student isn’t loosing learning time, by waiting for a group of students to go through their attunement process.
  • You will receive a personal hands on healing experience directly from the teacher. In group sessions, fellow students practise on each other. 

What will I receive: 

  • 4 Reiki Attunements 
  • Reiki Hand book you can use for Life with the latest findings and techniques 
  • Reiki First Degree Certificate 
  • Welcome Gift with Tools that you can use in your own self healing 
  • Heart Chakra Opening Tea Ceremony/Ceremonial Grade Cacao 
  • Meditation/Sound Healing 
  • Time to Reflect and Journal 

First Degree Dates

Please place through your expressions of interest via the contacts page or you you feel the urge to give me a call to discuss the Reiki classes, please feel free contact me personally.  I would love to connect with you ! with Gratitude Karen x 

Deposit Amount

An important note please check with us before paying your deposit, as I may be booked out ! 

A $100 deposit needs to be paid prior to attending your Reiki course. This secures  your placement within  the class.

Payment Options for the deposit, you can either: 

  • Pay on the website via Stripe Credit Card option 
  • Alternatively I can send you an invoice via square pay 

Payment Options

Remainder of the payment  can be made on the day via EFT, Credit Card or Cash 


We understand that unexpected things can arise or we can suddenly become unwell. If this is the case you will need to advise us that you are unable to attend the class with at least 24 hours notice.

Your $100 deposit is non refundable however you can redeem the deposit amount in services and products. Or use your deposit to secure a placement in the next round of Reiki one classes. Must be used within 3 months of your cancellation date.