REIKI TWO Practitioner Training

Gaining access to this amazing Life Force Energy – Reiki in the Second Degree requires you to have completed Reiki in the First Degree (Reiki I)

Be ready to learn how to shift old energetic patterns and be willing to step into your new journey of delivering the “Gift of Reiki Healing” and a deep “Self discovery”. Reiki is an intelligent life force energy that connects with your infinite power, higher consciousness and ignites all of your senses, especially your intuition. Reiki knows exactly what you need to progress through your individual and sacred healing  journey. 

On a personal note from me where ever you are on your healing journey, Reiki will help you to unlock your inner strength and innate power to heal from within. 

What will I learn

Through a mix of theory and hands on healing 

Learn how to navigate through life using your internal GPS understanding your own intuition.

  • Level 2 Attunement allows the student to sense and feel energy in a more knowledgeable way.
  • Learn how to  clear the obstacles and limiting beliefs standing in the way of your goals and aspirations
  • Level 2 students will be able to learn how to shift energetic blocks from past or present experiences.
  • A level 2 practitioner starts  to move beyond time and space, by learning how to send energy to the future as well as the past. 
  •  Develop a better understanding of each chakra point and how the energy system is influenced by emotional and physical health issues linked together. 
  • Learn how to incorporate essential oils and crystals into your Reiki sessions 
  • Dive deeper with your Reiki healing journey ( whether you plan on practicing professionally or not ). Expand on your own inner/spiritual development. 
  • Gain professional skills to be a qualified (and ethical) Reiki practitioner.
  • Learn the basics of setting up your own practice 

What do I need to Bring

No fancy equipment is required, however you will need to provide a copy of your certificate in Reiki Level One. Other than that you just need to come with an open mind and an open heart and wear some comfortable clothes, 

Bring your favourite journal ( for taking notes if you want to )  

Yoga mat plus pillow or cushion.


Reiki Second Degree GROUP Training Investment

SALE $333 normally $349


What will I receive: 

  • Attunement – Three Sacred Reiki Symbols 
  • Reiki Two manual 
  • Reiki Second Degree Certificate to display in your home or Reiki business  
  • Organic Herbal Teas 
  • Vegetarian Lunch/Fruit Platter/Dairy Free Dips/Raw Sweet Treats 
  • Enjoy a cup of Ceremonial Grade Cacao 
  • Meditation/Sound Healing 
  • Time to Reflect and Journal
  • A Crystal gift to say thank you for choosing Karen for your Reiki Second Degree certification 

Reiki Training Dates

DATES: Other Dates can be arranged please email through your expression of interest 

  • Sat 30th Oct
  • Sat 6th Nov
  • Sat 13th Nov
  • Sat 20th Nov
  • Sat 27th Nov  
  • Sun 14th Nov
  • Sun 21st Nov 

Deposit Amount

A $100 deposit needs to be paid prior to attending your Reiki course. This secures  your placement within  the class.

Payment Options for the deposit, you can either: 

  • Pay via bank transfer or cash 


We understand that unexpected things can arise or we can suddenly become unwell. If this is the case you will need to advise us that you are unable to attend the class with at least 24 hours notice.

Your $100 deposit is non refundable however you can redeem the deposit amount in services and products, or use your deposit to secure a placement in the next round of Reiki Two classes. Must be used within 3 months of your cancellation date.