Reiki is a Gateway for opening spiritual gifts

Reiki can be used as a powerful tool to enhance and speed up your spiritual journey.

How Does This Happen ?

  • Reiki students at all levels participate in the attunement process from a Reiki Master Teacher. The attunement  ceremony opens each of the seven chakra points.
  • Opening the crown chakra creates a clear channel for divine source energy to enter.
  • Ancient Reiki Symbols are beamed into each chakra point to activate energy shifts within each student
  • These energy shifts begin manifesting a new path of healing, intuition, health and wellness for self, other people, and the environment. 
  • Once the attunement process is complete the new practitioner is attuned for life. The gift of reiki energy and divine source information can be accessed at any time.
  • The 7 chakra’s are attuned to divine energy and can quickly open and clear low vibrations and frequencies with the use of clear intent, healing, and meditation. 
  • Daily self healing practices, channeling divine energy, helps the practitioner to clear low vibrational energy that doesn’t align with their goals, desires and higher purpose.
  • When all of the 7 chakra’s are clear and open, practitioners are working at their fullest potential to access and accelerate their own spiritual gifts.
  • The crown chakra resonates with a higher level of intuition and psychic abilities, the practitioner experiences a deeper intuitive connection making it easier to read and interpret energy and information that is  divinely guided from source. 

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