On Sale September and October

You asked for it and I listened. Reiki Relaxation Massage Is now available at Konnect2Karen Hope Island Beauty & Medispa and On Sale !
Receiving a Reiki massage is different than other types of massage. ⁣

Did you know physical pain is blocked Chi – Meaning we need to shift the stagnant blocked energy to release pain, stress and tension within our bodies.
The beauty of this service is, I combine the already Relaxing Reiki Energy WITH a Relaxation Massage – Add Pure Organic essential oils and well it’s off to sleepy land. ⁣

My client on Saturday fell asleep all the way through the massage when she finally came around her words were “that was amazing” “you don’t need a deep tissue massage to release tension” “you just need to Let Go and Relax”

Massage and Reiki combined allows the client to FULLY RELEASE and LET GO of built up stress and tension. ⁣

Intuitively I focus on the “problem” areas to help heal and relax the entire body. ⁣
Reiki massage treatments feel wonderful. It’s as if there is a warming and healing sensation flowing through the entire body. As this sensation flows through the body the person can actually feel the stress and tension melting away. ⁣

The key to Reiki is that it treats the entire body, this includes the emotions, the mind and the spiritual portion of the body as well as the physical portion of the body. ⁣

As the muscles of the body relax, the energy begins to flow freely and the person begins to feel “lifted up” and lighter.⁣
Often our bodies are in a state of disharmony because we are emotionally, mentally or spiritually not at peace.⁣

The nurturing long flowing strokes, combined with energy healing allows one to have a further understanding of what is going on deep within the body. ⁣
Surrender to a space of peace and revitalise body, mind and soul.⁣

On Sale Starting Tues 24th ⁣September – Offer continues throughout October
60 mins $60 ⁣
Full body Reiki Relaxation Massage includes Aromatherapy Essential Oils

(Normally $75 with essential oils)