What if both Paths are the Correct Path…

Truth Bomb 💣 just think about this statement for a minute…

If it doesn’t plan out the way you first anticipated, it’s still going to be an OPPORTUNITY and an experience for GROWTH. 

We spend too much of our time in our head, thinking about the “what if’s” and the fear of something not working out.

So we push the default button to procrastinate or worse we do nothing at all ! 

we remain stuck and stagnant or we just sit at cross roads hoping someone else will make the decision for us or at least guide us in the right direction. ⬅️➡️

What if you could flip that mindset on it’s head ! 🤯

What if you could overcome the fear and replace it with taking action based on a new mindset 

And make decisions for yourself based on the endless “positive” possibilities ! 

What if you could retrain that monkey 🐒 mind to think differently ? 

For me personally looking at crossroads as win win situation has been so frickin FREEING 

Please note I do my research not endless amounts ! Because that can keep you in procrastinating mode, I work within my means 💵 and then I make a decision with a new mindset of: 

Both paths are the correct path, If I choose one path and it’s not as I had anticipated, I have gained new experiences, and new growth but most of all I have gained a whole lot of self confidence because I TOOK ACTION, taking action keeps the flow and momentum going in all areas of your life, which just leads to more new opportunities and experiences. 

I just wanted to share this little tip that has definitely helped me ❤️

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